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Rising Embedded Vision Adoption Spurs a Wealth of Product Innovation

Rising Embedded Vision Adoption Spurs a Wealth of Product InnovationEmbedded vision is a relatively new type of vision technology, but it’s potential for widespread adoption and disruption in a number of industries has attracted a lot of attention. From the medical industry to defense to robotics, embedded vision has been a hotbed of development over the past several years.

This flurry of development has led to the creation of new vision technologies as companies on the forefront of innovation bring new products to market.

Types of Innovative New Embedded Vision Technology Offerings

While embedded vision is experiencing major transformations as a technology, there are a few key technologies today that have emerged today as part of this development.

  • Dedicated Box Computers for Embedded Vision: embedded vision applications often generate enormous amounts of data, especially in mobile environments. To keep up, many companies are developing box computers specially built for the image processing demands of embedded vision.
  • Modularized Embedded Vision Products: embedded vision products were once typically sold as an entire system with a fully operational processing board, sensor, interface and lens. Given the highly customized nature of many embedded applications, some manufacturers are now offering these products individually for more design flexibility.
  • Ultra-Compact Vision Components: some embedded vision applications demand an ultra-compact design, such as for smart designs or home appliances. Now, OEMs are developing smaller and smaller components with higher performance – some camera modules are as small as 1mm2.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): the ability to gain intelligence from a captured image continues to grow. As embedded vision also advances, it helps bring a higher level of intelligence to existing products when combined with the object recognition capabilities of the latest AI systems.

Embedded vision technology is advancing rapidly. As it progresses, new embedded vision products are created, and companies begin to carve out their niche in this still emerging industry. The types of products listed above are merely the latest technologies to be implemented.

The embedded vision industry changes quickly. To keep up with the pace of innovation, visit our educational site on embedded vision and keep up to date with all things embedded.

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