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New Shelf-Scanning Robot Poised to Improve Retail Efficiency with Enhanced Vision and AI Integration

New Shelf-Scanning Robot Poised to Improve Retail Efficiency with Improved Camera and AI IntegrationIn 2020, major retailers are turning to AI integration for real-time insights, streamlined operations, and improved customer experience. Providing customers exactly what they want in a timely fashion requires retailers to maintain a flawless supply chain from the production line all the way to the display shelf. Bossa Nova’s newest AI integrated robot may create unprecedented efficiencies for inventory management systems.

Bossa Nova 2020 to Improve the Customer Experience

Global retailers are anticipating the launch of Bossa Nova 2020. AI and automation power the cutting-edge inventory data management solution. Even small shops are expected to have a tight grip on their stock. Bossa Nova 2020 has a slim form factor that can easily navigate the narrow aisles of tiny boutiques, keeping track of even the smallest inventories.

This impressive robot combines a 2D and 3D camera system with the best in AI integration. Its custom-designed camera offers multi-focus, high-speed, and high-resolution optics that capture incredibly reliable and accurate inventory data. The full depths of shelves are captured, then the images are processed both within the robot and the cloud.

Retailers will be able to count on a notably simplified, reliable design. Engineers have also made the robot easy to service, which should help retailers expand AI integration into even more stores. The data the Bossa Nova provides will help stores streamline operations, improve inventory metrics, and make happy customers.

AI Integration Delivers Practical Value

To assist retailers, the slim Bossa Nova 2020 robot will roam store aisles and identify inventory gaps along the way. The robot reads barcodes to know what items should be on the shelf and can also use its computer vision to identify products that are misplaced. This year’s Bossa Nova improves upon the previous design thanks to its upgraded onboard edge computing.

It also features a computer that is essentially three servers that are brandishing four CPUs and three GPUs. After the onboard computer processes images, they are sent off to an AI-integrated cloud computer. The artificial intelligence system analyzes the data and sends inventory insights back to store managers instantaneously.

The retail supply chain has been long overdue for digital enhancements. Logistics processes are ready for changes that can result in significant efficiency improvements. Bossa Nova 2020’s embedded vision systems and AI integration appear ready to revolutionize inventory management with this exceptional robot.

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