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How Embedded Vision is Used in Consumer Electronics

How Embedded Vision is Used in Consumer ElectronicsEmbedded vision is playing a big role in the consumer electronics industry. As embedded vision technology advances, it will transform the way we interact with our devices and the world around us. Advanced vision systems lay the groundwork for entirely new capabilities in consumer electronics. 

The industry for consumer electronics is enormous and diverse, representing numerous opportunities for embedded vision suppliers for years to come. 

How Embedded Vision Transforms Consumer Electronics

One of the most common forms of embedded vision in consumer electronics is the use of front and rear-facing cameras on smartphones and other mobile devices. However, there are several opportunities for innovation.

Embedded vision reduces the need for physical controls, facilitating capabilities such as gesture recognition and face recognition. Further, advanced embedded systems can enable more robust augmented reality and virtual reality, from mobile apps to virtual reality headsets. Embedded vision adds functionality to existing consumer electronics devices that were previously impossible. 

The Opportunities for Embedded Vision in Consumer Electronics

According to a recent report from Global Market Insights, the consumer electronics market is estimated to reach a value of $1.5 trillion by 2024. Rising middle-class wages around the globe, along with the growing demand for smart home appliances, are among the biggest contributing factors. 

In this enormous industry, demand for embedded vision will only grow as the increased functionality it offers becomes standard. Processing power will continue to ramp up, as will imaging and video cognition abilities, only adding to the desirability of embedded vision in consumer devices.

The growth of the consumer electronics industry leaves the door open for numerous opportunities for embedded vision suppliers, integrators and OEMs who can get their foot in the door early. 

Embedded vision is an important part of consumer electronics today and will become even more critical to the core capabilities of these devices in the coming years. 

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