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Embedded Vision Applications in Supply Chain Management

Embedded Vision in Supply Chain ManagementEmbedded vision technology is finding use throughout the supply chain management process. The ability to quickly generate visual data at the product level as it travels from initial supplier to final consumer provides priceless data for supply chain management and optimization.

In a variety of forms, embedded vision is an important technological innovation in the supply chain, helping companies streamline operations and reduce logistics costs at several points in the process of moving goods.

The Benefits of Embedded Vision in the Supply Chain

Embedded vision can provide many different benefits throughout a company’s supply chain when compared to manual practices. The logistics and transportation process, for example, can achieve 100% shipping accuracy with embedded vision.

All inbound and outbound shipments can be instantly verified at every stop along the way to the final destination. This eliminates mis-ship fines, reduces the cost of reverse logistics processes, and fosters a more collaborative environment where data is instantly generated and easily available.

Embedded Vision Applications for Supply Chain Management

Embedded vision is used in several different ways in the supply chain. It’s used as part of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in warehouses. It’s used in drones for automated inventory tracking. Embedded vision has been used in barcode scanning for decades, but this capability is evolving into a more comprehensive vision solution that directly informs ERP systems for track and trace, quality assurance and more. Embedded vision is even being used to empower augmented reality in supply chain management.

Embedded vision is used in a numerous ways for supply chain optimization. Typically, embedded vision for supply chain management can be found in:

  • Production
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution
  • In-store

Embedded vision can be found at nearly every level of the movement of goods. It’s proving to be a useful technology for companies with long, complex supply chains to optimize their logistics processes.

Embedded vision, like in many other industries and applications, is a disruptive force in supply chain management, leading the way into the future.

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