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AI and Medical Imaging Result in Cancer Diagnosis Breakthrough

AI and Medical Imaging Result in Cancer Diagnosis BreakthroughArtificial Intelligence (AI) and medical imaging can now be used to quickly and accurately diagnose various types of cancer. The risk of death from brain and breast cancer is greatly reduced when detected early. AI is making it possible to quickly and accurately detect cancer in a noninvasive manner.

Detecting Brain Cancer with AI

Figuring out a brain tumor’s cell type through biological methods is slow and costly. A DNA sample and lab test can take months to complete. As a result, patients battling this aggressive form of cancer can die before the test results return from the lab.

Scientists are now using computer vision and machine learning vision technologies to streamline the process. An AI platform is able to use a tumor image to determine the cancer’s molecular and genetic signature. AI can accomplish this in a matter of seconds with 100 percent accuracy.

Diagnosing Breast Cancer with AI

Breast cancer kills more women than any other cancer, but it’s difficult to diagnose. Even with advanced medical imaging and the experience of medical professionals, one in ten cancers is misdiagnosed as non-cancerous. This results in the patient losing critical treatment time. But false-positive results also plague mammogram results.

Cancerous breast tissue has two distinct properties: 1. Some areas are soft and some are firm. 2. The fibers offer resistance when pulled as opposed to an initial give. Scientists created physics-based models that show varying levels of these properties. With the use of thousands of data inputs, a machine learning algorithm was trained to detect these properties. Using advanced medical imaging and the AI algorithm, breast cancer can accurately be detected without invasive techniques.

AI’s Future in Cancer Diagnosis

AI has become a very useful tool thanks to a variety of reasons. A greater number of digitized images are now available due to advancements in radiology. More hospitals now collaborate with AI scientists to prepare those images for use. Computer vision and object detection help AI to correctly and precisely diagnose details about cancer found through medical imaging.

AI is helping doctors make better and earlier decisions about cancer detection. Universities are working with AI healthcare startups to solve cancer-detection problems. Work is being done to improve the explainability of AI (an emerging field in machine learning that describes how AI systems work) set in place a framework of laws and safety regulations, and set up legal protections for both patients and doctors.

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