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Vision Systems Questions

Question Asked:

Can you suggest a book or articles for those with no technical that explains how computer vision systems work?

3 Answers

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Georgy Das - Technical Training Manager
Midwest Optical Systems, Inc.
gd [at] midopt [dot] com
(847) 359-3550

Hi Ruth, Thanks for the question. Here is a resource from a company that is one of the leaders in the production of machine vision cameras and software: https://www.cognex.com/what-is/machine-vision There is a lot of related material and examples of applications. I hope this is helpful. Thanks,

Mike Faulkner - Director of Business Development
Silicon Software GmbH
faulkner [at] silicon-software [dot] com
(514) 663-7292

Hi Ruth, I know of no non-technical Computer Vision books but it can be summed up non technically as follows: Computer vision is the art of combining illumination, optics, filters, cameras, image acquisition and image processing techniques (processed via CPU, GPU, and/or FPGA processors) to make automated decisions (be it for quality control, autonomous driving, assisted medical, etc). I hope this helps. Best regards, Mike

Steve Wardell - Director, Imaging
ATS Automation
swardell [at] atsautomation [dot] com
(519) 653-4483, x87308

Hi Ruth; I find one of the best starting points for machine vision basics is offered up through the Certified Vision Professional program managed by the AIA. If you check out the online basic program videos and references, that is a great place to start. When I hire a new intern or engineer just out of school, this is my starting point to get them introduced to the field. Steve W.

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