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Vision Systems Questions

Question Asked:

How do I hire a color science expert for either consulting or full-time employment?

3 Answers

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Dave Spaulding - President
Smart Vision Lights
dave [at] smartvisionlights [dot] com
(231) 722-1199

Burton, depending on what you are trying to accomplish I may be able to point you in the right direction for some consulting. Shoot me an email and we can discuss this. Thanks Dave

Robert McConnell - President
WAY-2C Color Machine Vision
rkm [at] way2c [dot] com
(781) 641-0605

Burton, Echoing Dave Spaulding's reply, who you need depends on what you're trying to accomplish: color measurement, color-based identification, or simply colored scene viewing. We specialize in color machine vision consulting and systems. It might make sense for you to review our website at https://www.way2c.com and then, if you'd like to discuss the matter further, email and/or call.me.

Michael Beising - CEO
EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH
mmb [at] evt-web [dot] com
+49 721 626 905 82

We are a German based company so it's difficult to give you here some ideas.

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