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Frame Grabbers & Other Imaging Boards Questions

Question Asked:

We have a lens and a motor with image stabilisation features. I want to develop a system for mobile application. If I choose one image sensor ( for eg from Sony) , is it always mandatory to have Frame grabber or can I opt for GigE Vision. What is the basics of selection of image sensor or frame grabber?

2 Answers

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Yoshigi Nakata - President CEO
Nacacue Corporation
yoshigi_nakata [at] nacacue [dot] co.jp
81 759 344 178

I think you need a frame grabber or some embedded curcuits having frame grabbing function before you bring the image to any interfaces like GigE . As for the basics of selection of image sensor, in general, it has to fit to your optical requrements, image size, resolution, color, speed, etc.

Werner Feith - IP Architect
Sensor To Image GmbH
werner [dot] feith [at] euresys.com
49 8861 2369 0

Rose, the image senor selection and the (application software) image acquisition selection are totally unrelated, but the bandwidth of image generation and image processing, as these bandwidth should be similar. I know my answer might be a bit fuzzy, but I think you are seeking kind of architecture advice and/or selection, where a precise answer is difficult for me right now. So please start with the right sensor and here the aspect of light sensitivity, sensor read out speed, ... to get at this point the best image quality you get for your development, because the whole development might fail if you start at the wrong end. And yes, that setup might be expensive, but to strip down an expensive working setup to a cost-optimized setup in development will be ever cheaper than a failing development due to the wrong setup. Good luck, Werner

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