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Cables / Cable Assemblies / Connectors Questions

Question Asked:

Is there a specified connector/cable type to be used with the GiGE Vision Standard? I was unable to find one in the 2.0 version of the spec. Thanks,

4 Answers

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Phalguni S Raut - Uniforce Sales and Engineering
Uniforce Sales and Engineering
phalguni [at] uniforcesales [dot] com

Hi Dylan, CAT-5e standard cable would be the lowest standard that you can use for GigE Vision. CAT-6 and CAT-7 cables work with GigE Vision applications. Feel free to contact me for more information on cables. Thanks!

Eiji Ebihara - Deputy Manager
Hirakawa Hewtech Corp.
eiji [dot] ebihara [at] hewtech.co.jp
81 280 51 1101

??????RJ45????????? Generally, I think that it will become RJ45.


Our standard currently leverages the underlying physical layer defined by the IEEE 802.3 committee. However, this does not address industrial locking for shock and vibration. For cabling, standard CAT-5e, CAT-6a or CAT-7 can be used. The connector is the RJ-45 but there is not a robust locking mechanism, only a snap tab more for office applications. The cabling companies on the GigE Vision Technical Committee (TC) have agreed on an overmold with screw locks, and companies who sell this, simply state “designed to use with Gige Vision Systems.” The TC is going to release a mechanical supplement this year that will specify all the dimensions and allow cable companies to license and certify cables as Gige Vision Cables. GigE Vision can also operate over optical fiber SFP+ cage and direct attach fiber. Please see our Standards Brochure for a description and pictures of cables that can be used with GigE Vision. The brochure is located on the Standards main page of our Vision Online website: https://www.visiononline.org/vision-standards.cfm (scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the brochure icon.) The TC is also looking at a smaller connector for the camera end of the cable that will have robust locking features for the industrial environment.

Francesco Liburdi - President
Electronic Links International, Inc.
fliburdi [at] electronic-links [dot] com
(607) 761-6886

Yes, please look at www.electronic-links.com in the Vision area and you will the.

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