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I want to detect air bubbles leaking up using a camera. The brazed adapters are loaded in an air under water tester. When the brazed area has voids the high pressure air leaks air bubbles from inside the adapter to the outside water. Can a camera detect the air bubbles and provide signal?

3 Answers

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Phalguni Raut - Applications Engineer
Uniforce Sales and Engineering
phalguni [at] uniforcesales [dot] com
510-657-4000 x119

Hi Kenneth, The camera would be able to detect the air bubbles and provide a signal. There are a few factors to be considered in this case though. 1. How deep is the adapter under water or what would be the pressure underwater where you would want to place the camera? 2.Is the water flowing or is it stationary? Feel free to get in touch and we could discuss the application Thanks!

David Darg - Sales Engineering
Uniforce Sales and Engineering
david [at] uniforcesales [dot] com
(510) 657-4000

Kenneth, trying to image and detect air bubbles under water does not appear to be complicated, but I would like to know more details about your project in order to determine what you are up against. There are many variables such as what are the bubble sizes? What are the dimensions involved - braze length, distance from camera to joint, etc. Positioning of the joint - which way are the bubbles going in reference to the joint? What does the joint look like, smooth surface or rough? Is it a stream of bubbles or do you want to detect just any bubble?

Michael Beising - CEO
EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH
mmb [at] evt-web [dot] com
+49 721 626 905 82

You can use any camera and a fitting light source to do it. With the right combination, you can simply use a Blobtool and detect and count the bubbles. If you want to try it - you can download the EyeVision - select in the hardware the camera you have even a cheap webcam would do it for this task.

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