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My company BuySend.com is a huge online retailer in the UK, we have over 500,000 products in our catalogue. When dealing with new suppliers we request a spread sheet of the suppliers’ entire product inventory, including the product barcode. We upload these products into our system, before adding further details and listing the product for sale on our website. We now have a major issue where sometimes the suppliers spread sheets do not include the leading zero on barcodes (sometimes due to the format they have been saved in), or sometimes because they are a UPC barcode and have less digits. We want to know if there is some sort of barcode validation tool we can use in our system, so that if for example we try uploading the barcode 77540050857, our system knows that the actual barcode should be 077540050857 (with the leading zero). It would therefore not create a duplicate product in our system like it does now. It would also be ideal if it could spot bad barcodes and simply not import them into our system as new products. I am sure every single large retail company comes across this issue and as you are probably aware we simply cannot afford to have bad data in our system, especially when it comes down to barcodes, as this causes havoc across many areas of our company. Please let me know if you offer some of service that would be able to aid us with this? If not, do you know any companies that would be able to help?

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Randall Henderson - Senior Software Engineer
randall [at] edt [dot] com
(503) 748-7896

Hi Paul, Where would the validation occur? Are you looking for something that reads the spreadsheet file before it gets uploaded, or something that would go the toolchain that's used to upload the spreadsheet? Feel free to email me offline.

Andrew Long - CEO
Cyth Systems, Inc.
andy [dot] long [at] cyth.com

Paul, It seems like this is not a machine vision issue per se. But you just need to know your suppliers format. Obviously there is nothing that says a barcode needs to be one length or another, so it is not possible to sort out the "correct" barcode without figuring out some rules that might apply. Send me an email, and we can set up a phone call. This could be something that is done very quickly depending on figuring out the rules that your supplier might use.

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