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has anyone done a "taxonomy" on this space that would help me understand the difference between object recognition, machine vision, computer vision and video analytics?

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Phalguni Raut - Applications Engineer
Uniforce Sales and Engineering
phalguni [at] uniforcesales [dot] com
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Object recognition can be understood as one of the steps of computer vision. 'Computer vision' as a whole involves processing the image with required enhancements which would make the features of interest stand out in the image and allow it to make decisions based on them. Defining these features and categorizing them is 'Object Recognition'. Computer vision when applied in an industrial setting or a practical application which involves taking actions(setting on a buzzer,triggering the robot, etc) based on the vision system results, is usually referred as 'Machine Vision'. 'Video analytics', as the name suggests, involves analyzing the entire video which could involve applying computer vision to the frames of the video and generate analysis reports.

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