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Question Asked:

Which line scan camera should i use if my Field of view is 1900mm, max speed of sheet being rolled is 15m/sec and i want to cover 1mm in 4 pixels?

3 Answers

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Markus Tarin - President & CEO
MoviTHERM - Advanced Thermography Solutions
m [dot] tarin [at] movitherm.com
(949) 699-6600

Dear hrithik, You would need the following: 1mm in 4 pixels ==> 0.250mm/pixel Lateral resolution for 1900mm field of view ==> 1900 x 4 = 7600 pixels ==> So, an 8k Line Scan camera, or two 4k cameras side by side. Assuming you want the same resolution in material direction, then you would need 15m/sec ==> 15000 mm/sec 15000mm with 4 pixel per mm ==> 60000 Hz ==> 60kHz line scan rate.

Michael Beising - CEO
EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH
info [at] evt-web [dot] com
49 721 668 004 230

As you would like to have 4 pixel for 1 mm in a 1900 mm field of view, I would think a 4x1900= 7600, means a 8k line scan camera is at least neccessary.

Michael Beising - CEO
EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH
mmb [at] evt-web [dot] com
+49 721 626 905 82

It depends on your task, but based on your description I would recommand a 4k kamera with 16KHz Scan rate, I think you will find at DALSA fitting cameras

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