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Which machine vision systems can be used to affordably accomplish these two objectives: a) Simply detect the presence of a car within a defined space b) Determine the exact location and 3D dimension (length, width, and height) of the car within that space. Bear in mind that is objective b) the solution must detect small projections from the car such as trailer hitches off the back, mirrors off the sides, and roof racks & antennae off the roof. The distance may be from as far as 12' away and it is certainly possible to use multiple cameras to view the car from multiple angles. The solution would need to communicate with a PLC system. We currently use lasers, but they are expensive, so I am wondering if cameras would be more affordable and equally reliable.

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Andrew Long - CEO
Cyth Systems, Inc.
andy [dot] long [at] cyth.com

If you are able to control options, this can have a huge impact on how much technology you need to solve your problem. For example, if you are able to control wall patterns behind the vehicles you can simplify your vision system, and therefore reduce cost. If you are able to reduce areas that you look at, again this will reduce your cost/resolution ratio. It's hard to answer all possibilities but if you want to talk through it, send an email and we can setup a call.

Rex Lee - CEO/CTO
Pyramid Imaging, Inc.
dr [dot] lee [at] pyramidimaging.com
(813) 984-0125

Hi Woody, You give a) simply to detect the presence of a car, but then request detecting small projections on the car. So, that's the "devil in the details". How small is the smallest projection within the entire field of view will dictate the resolution required. So, as a first step, an integrator would need to know the maximum field of view and the smallest object to detect. That helps define the resolution. Then how fast should all this detection be done? That helps define the frame rate. There are many more questions to be answered. For some free basic analysis please contact me and we can send a form of questions that you could answer and send back to us.

Tom Brennan - President
Artemis Vision
tbrennan [at] artemisvision [dot] com
(303) 832-1111

Woody - If your primary interest is in finding maximum dimensions in each axis a system that silhouetted the vehicle from different angles could work. If you have the vehicle in motion in one axis this could actually work like a scanner. The vehicle would simply pass through a tunnel that took dimensions via scanning a silhouette. Anyway, just some thoughts, happy to talk through the problem at your convenience.

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