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Cameras Questions

Question Asked:

I am using Pleora's GigE Vision Imperx BobCat GEV camera and I am saving images in raw data format. How can I convert these to a jpeg? Also, is there a way to convert these images in a a batch?

3 Answers

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Andrew Long - CEO
Cyth Systems, Inc.
andy [dot] long [at] cyth.com

There are a large number of software programs on-line to convert between image types. I would just make sure that you know what you want, if you are converting to jpeg, just for users to view then this will work for you, but if you want to analyze them with software, then you need a bmp or png format, to make sure you don't loose data from the original image.

Nathan Cohen - Business Development Manager
Imperx, Inc.
nathan [at] imperx [dot] com
(561) 989-0006

Hi Chris, When you installed the software initially, our IPX toolkit should have been auto populated into your Imperx folder into your computer. If you have a single or batch conversion of raw or any other format, the software will do that for you. If you do not have the software, please reach out to us at support@imperx.com and we will send you a link with the software.

Luc Nocente - President
NorPix, Inc.
ln [at] norpix [dot] com
(514) 846-0009, x22

Check out StreamPix at www.norpix.com, we can record directly to jpeg.

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