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Cameras Questions

Question Asked:

I need a custom two camera setup hooked together and more. Who can help with that?

5 Answers

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Markus Tarin - President & CEO
MoviTHERM - Advanced Thermography Solutions
m [dot] tarin [at] movitherm.com
(949) 699-6600

Hi Randal! Let me know what sort of application you have. We have built a ton of custom applications involving cameras, enclosures, lights including turnkey solutions. Best, Markus

Ivan Klimkovic - International Sales
ivan [dot] klimkovic [at] ximea.com
49 251 590686 12

Dear Randal Dufault, Maybe I would be able to suggest a pair of suitable models and connection if you can share your requirements like: Resolution, Speed (Frames per second), color/mono, CCD or CMOS, Operational system, interface, target price, volume, Libraries you use etc.

Marino Jelavic - Vice President Sales and Marketing
Sundance Digital Signal Processing, Inc.
marino [dot] j [at] sundancedsp.com
(514) 684-8315

Hi Randal, We need more information: 1. What platform do you need ( Stand-Alone, PCIe.... ) ? 2. What Operating System are you working on ? 3. What Cameras, model and mode, do you plan to use and what do you mean by "hooked together" ? 4. Do you plan to use FPGA for custom on-the-fly image processing ? 5. When would you need the board in house ? 6. How many units would you need once in production ? Best regards

Brian Durand - President
I4 Solutions, LLC
bdurand [at] i4solutions [dot] us
(612) 888-6000

Hi Randal, this sounds like something we can help you with, though we need to learn the specifics. Feel free to contact me at the email or phone number below.

Cheri Baker - Director of Communications
The Crowley Company
cherib [at] thecrowleycompany [dot] com
(240) 215-0224, x228

Randal: Can you you provide some additional information? What type of appication; what are your MP requirements; etc?

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