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I have an application with a GigE Vision camera and I need to convert the output into HD-SDI for input to a Vitek MGW PicoTough which compresses the data to H264 Ethernet packets. Any ideas for convertors would be much appreciated.

2 Answers

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Werner Feith - CEO
Sensor To Image GmbH
wf [at] sensor-to-image [dot] de
49 8861 2369 0

Mr. Goddard, hello from Sensor to Image. I can not give you a product for your application, but we would have some LEGO stones around to build you fortress=application. The main approach would be a software based approach on GPU modules like this one: https://www.toradex.com/de/computer-on-modules/apalis-arm-family/nvidia-tegra-k1 where GEV reception, H264 encoding as sending would all be done in C. Possible for your application? Regards, Werner Feith

Hai Migdal - Director of EMEA Sales and Marketing
GiDEL Ltd.
m_hai [at] gidel [dot] com
+972 4 610 2518

Hello John, We might have an idea of how to implement that using Gidel technology (http://www.gidel.com/image-processing/index.asp). My e-mail address is: m_hai@gidel.com. Please send me your e-mail address with some more information about your project: Potential volumes, schedules, application type and more details about resolutions, frame rate and any information that you can provide and I will respond to you ASAP. Thanks and Regards, Hai Migdal Director of EMEA Sales and Marketing

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