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Lighting Equipment Questions

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I have 2 applications where I need very uniform lighting across a large area (one is 52"x24", the other is 62" x 24", though other designs are possible). There are 2 camera is in the middle of this. I've reached out to several manufacturers/distributors for a light this large and with the specified ~25,000 Lux at .5 meters, but have been unable to get a quote. Does anyone know of a manufacturer who can do this?

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Brian Durand - President
I4 Solutions, LLC
bdurand [at] i4solutions [dot] us
(612) 888-6000

Hi Matt, We could help you with this. We've recently worked on similar projects delivering up to 100,000 lux over large areas. Please contact me directly for info.

Dave Spaulding - President
Smart Vision Lights
dave [at] smartvisionlights [dot] com
(231) 722-1199

Matt, I believe we can assist you. We have built some very large lights with holes for cameras. We are also just about to release a brand new series of lights called our LLPX. This light is built out of extrusion allowing us to build many large sizes and holes for cameras are not a problem. If you would email or call me with your contact information, I will pass it along to our Smart Vision Lights Business Development Manager to contact you to discuss your needs. In the mean time you can find more information about our company at www.smartvisionlights.com Thank you, Dave Spaulding

3AM - Sales Manager
3A Mechatronic Co., Ltd.
fmarket [at] 3am [dot] com.tw
886 2 2999 7331

Dear Matt, Our company name is 3A Mechatronic Co., Ltd., we're the lighting manufacturer in Taiwan. We have the backlight with 1250 * 695 mm, this might be suitable for your application. Could you please let me know the required lighting illumination?

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