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Would appreciate tips and proposals for solving the following application: I would like to build a system that is able to identify random (X, Y) coordinates with an accuracy of ca. 0.5 mm of a small amount (less than 24) of solid pins on a plane. The pins hit the plane randomly and consecutively one by one. They can be a bit tilted, so the position of the pin cannot be determined from the far end, but rather from the point where it is attached to the plane. The pins are made of carbon fibre or aluminum

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Andrew Long - CEO
Cyth Systems, Inc.
andy [dot] long [at] cyth.com
(858) 342-6795 cell

Timo, There are a number of questions that we would need to ask, what would the total field of view be (x by y), and the size of the pin (radius?). These would all help in being able to determine the accuracy of finding the pins. Please feel free to forward me some further information, or supply a sample to us, and we will explain what we do with your sample to get results from our machine vision lab. We typically will undertake a small vision study to show you the technology that you will need to solve your problem.

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