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Lighting Equipment Questions

Question Asked:

Can anyone recommend one supplier who supplies structured light module or digital line projector, including electonic and driver?

2 Answers

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Matt Pinter - Design Engineer
Smart Vision Lights
matt [at] smartvisionlights [dot] com
(231) 722-1199 x-101

We have a line of LED projectors. the patterns can be etched in any form to project any structured light. link to the information - http://smartvisionlights.com/products/structured-light Please contact me if you want to discuss further.

Dave Spaulding - President
Smart Vision Lights
dave [at] smartvisionlights [dot] com
(231) 722-1199

Dear Mr. Cao. Smart Vision Lights can assist you with this. Here is a link to the projector product. http://smartvisionlights.com/products/structured-light Please contact me directly if you would like more information dave@smartvisionlights.com Thank you. Dave Spaulding President Smart Vision Lights

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