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I've been working with laser profiling sensors to generate 3D images and inspecting them with vision tools. Usually these devices only give you what is called a height image. Using this image I can measure almost anything I want but I cannot read a 2D code printed on an object or inspect the color/grayscale value of the same object. Is there a device that can deliver both Height Image and "normal image" (similar to one from a camera) or should I just use a profile sensor and camera at the same time?

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Brian Durand - President
I4 Solutions, LLC
bdurand [at] i4solutions [dot] us
(612) 888-6000

You might consider grabbing an additional image with the laser turned off and an appropriate 2D light turned on, in order to view the 2D code. Or, your friends at Sick make the Ranger camera that can grab both 2D and height info.

John Salls - Owner/Engineer
Vision ICS, Inc.
john [at] vision-ics [dot] com
(651) 503-0496

Gocator also gives a 2D and 3D Image. Not sure how easy it will be to pull those into a Keyence System or if that is cheaper than using 2 cameras, but something to look into.

Andy Long - CEO
Cyth Systems, Inc.
andy [dot] long [at] cyth.com
(858) 342-6795 cell

It seems like sometimes the easiest solution might be the best. Why not use a 2D barcode reader alongside the 3D camera and integrate them together using software. Just a thought, there might be a dozen reasons why that won't work, but worth a look as this might be the easiest solution to implement.

Frank Sczech - Sw-engineer
Chromasens GmbH
frank [dot] sczech [at] chromasens.de

Check our 3D Vision-System: http://www.chromasens.de/en/3d-line-scan-camera-3dpixa This system provides a high resolution image as well as the 3D-data. The camera is available in different resolutions ranging from micrometers to milimeters.

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