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Question Asked:

What is the difference between FPD Link, GMSL and Camera Link (HS)?

2 Answers

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Mike Miethig - R & D Manager
Teledyne DALSA
mike [dot] miethig [at] teledynedalsa.com
(519) 886-6000, x2130

Hi Tommy: FPD-Link is the technology used in Camera Link. This technology sends 4 7:1 serialized data streams + a parallel clock using LVDS levels. Cable skew and data patterns influence distance achieved. Camera Link HS is packet based. The M protocol runs 8b/10b encoding at 3.125 Gbps/lane and achieves a cable bandwidth of 2.1 GByte/s. The X protocol runs at 10.3125 Gbps with scrambling and Forward Error Correction and achieves a data throughput of 1.2 Gbyte/sec per SFP+ connector.

Michael Yampolsky - CEO
KAYA Instruments Ltd.
michael [at] kayainstruments [dot] com

The CLHS is not only limited to Dalsa, yet there are just few vendors supporting this standard. CoaXPress is definitely more popular today, yet more complex for implementation comparing to CLHS.

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