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We are looking for a solution to be able to identify various types of door and windows and measure their height and width, from Architectural floor plans (blueprints). There are no standards how these doors are drawn (no specific model / pattern). These blueprints/ floor plans are only available in somewhat flat PDF’s (no metadata and no vectors). Can anyone give us some suggestions on software we can use?

2 Answers

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Andy Long - CEO
Cyth Systems, Inc.
andy [dot] long [at] cyth.com
(858) 342-6795 cell

Naqib Please forward a per, and we'll take a look, and see if we can help you. Andy

Mark Rothmund - Project Manager
Carl Zeiss Automated Inspection GmbH
mark [dot] rothmund [at] zeiss.com
49 7941 91 00 0

Dear Mr. Quarishi, we only offer complete measurement systems which including soft- and hardware. Also we need to set up our systems coordinates and real parts. Greetings Mark Rothmund

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