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Vision Systems Questions

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I am looking for a vision inspection system that could be mounted outdoors (on bridges for example) looking at the surface of a flowing water body to measure invasive plant fragments that are flowing by the camera. The measurement does not have to be absolute quantity, but some relative measurement of the "flux" of fragments in the frame. This is for use in measuring the effects of invasive plants infestations flowing from streams into lake water bodies. Do you have any recommendations for a vision inspection system?

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Ivan Klimkovic - International Sales
ivan [dot] klimkovic [at] ximea.com
49 251 590686 12

Dear Mike Willey, The overall application idea is clear, but could you maybe try to also specify certain parameters like: Resolution, Speed (Frames per second), color/mono, CCD or CMOS, Operational system, interface, target price, volume, Libraries you use etc.

Perry West - President
Automated Vision Systems, Inc.
perry [at] autovis [dot] com
(408) 267-1746

Mike -- This is a very interesting project. I know of no commercial machine vision system that comes close to what you are looking to accomplish. I believe you will have better luck searching for a university to work with than with a commercial company.

Tom Brennan - President
Artemis Vision
tbrennan [at] artemisvision [dot] com
(303) 832-1111

Mike, Are there other types of green plant matter flowing through and the system needs to distinguish invasive from non-invasive? Alternatively can the system detect green matter and apply a rule of thumb for how much is likely invasive?

Andy Long - CEO
Cyth Systems, Inc.
andy [dot] long [at] cyth.com
(858) 342-6795 cell

Mike, We develop solutions that use use learning techniques. Could you share some photos Pyramus with me, and we'll see if we could help. Andy

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