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Vision Systems Questions

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Hello, I am looking for way to photo id different anode blocks. In identifying the blocks, I also need a way to Quality control the anode blocks (detect them for cracking, discoloration, and spalling). I am not very well versed in this field so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Rex Lee - CEO/President
Pyramid Imaging, Inc.
dr [dot] lee [at] pyramidimaging.com
(813) 984-0125

There are a lot of potential ways to solve your problem. Each defective item may have to have its own structured lighting in order to highlight the defect. Speed of detection is also important and I would need to know if this inspection is to be 100% of what is manufactured and how fast should be the inspection task. Then there are questions about environmental constraints such as how much room is there to mount an inspection system? If you could contact me and possibly send some pictures of the defects you are hoping to see then we can start narrowing down your options.

Brian Durand - AIA Certified Vision Professional, Advanced Level
I4 Solutions, LLC
bdurand [at] i4solutions [dot] us
(612) 888-6000

The best advice I can give you is to partner with a company that specializes in integrating machine vision. Many of these companies do only machine vision, so don't compete with more general control system integrators and machine builders. This approach will minimize the financial and technical risks, enabling you to deliver a great solution on-time. You can look over the specialist's shoulder as they develop the solution, learning about the technology for your next project. The AIA has a list of Certified System Integerators: http://www.visiononline.org/mvo-content.cfm/machine-vision/AIA-Certified-System-Integrator-Program/id/187. Note the list includes our company, i4 Solutions. http://www.i4solutions.us

Tom Brennan - President
Artemis Vision
tbrennan [at] artemisvision [dot] com
(303) 832-1111

Greg, If there are more than two or three types of blocks the easiest way to ID the blocks is going to be by adding a barcode or datamatrix to the blocks (if that's possible). This will also give you downstream serialization and traceability. Pattern matching and Identification via vision can get finicky when there's a lot of variety. Do you have any pictures of these blocks you can share as far as the other defects? Depending on the pictures I would recommend shipping samples to 1-2 integrators for some testing and take things from there.

Andy Long - CEO
Cyth Systems, Inc.
andy [dot] long [at] cyth.com

Greg, I echo the sentiments of the others. If you can mark the parts or apply "stickers" or something, then attacthing these to the product would give you the "best" solution" for tracability. If you can't then please feel free to send me an email, and you can send us samples so we can take a look at them in the lab, and see how feasible a solution is. Andy

Ivan Klimkovic - International Sales
ivan [dot] klimkovic [at] ximea.com
49 251 590686 12

Dear Greg, This might be really a question for system integrator company since you are talking about project, but maybe you can assess what is needed from the camera side. The question is mainly in your requirements for the camera like: Resolution, Speed (Frames per second), color/mono, CCD or CMOS, Operational system, interface, target price, Libraries you use etc. Regards, Ivan Klimkovic

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