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Hi, I need two cameras at least 80fps with high light sensitivity. The cameras will be used to capture and stream live video of a students golf swing. Any suggestions? Where should I begin?

3 Answers

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Steve Varga - Sr. Research Engineer
Procter & Gamble
varga [dot] sm [at] pg.com

Rental cameras from Olympus would be a good place to start instead of buying a camera. For golf swings you likely need 500 to 1000 fps. Here's a link showing 500 fps golf swings for reference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_506Kj1eT18

Roger Baumann
AOS Technologies AG
r [dot] baumann [at] aostechnologies.com

Hi Mike We already sold some of our PROMON 501 systems to capturing golf-swings or other sport activities where higher framerates are needed. Please check our homepage www.aostechnologies.com Best regards Roger

Tracy Ling - Sales Manager
Shenzhen Vico Technology Limited
tracy [dot] ling [at] vicoimaging.com
86 752 511 8988

Hello Mike, We have 2M 1080P cameras with HDMI output,frame rate can up to 60fps, images and videos can be saved in SD card.Could you please let me know your application details? Our website is: www.vicoimaging.com My E-mail is :tracy.ling@vicoimaging.com

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