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Vision Software Questions

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I am looking for an inexpensive system that I can use to measure and do capability studies on printed parts. We have two needs: 1) Occasionally measure a single part quickly. By measure I mean to measure the distance between two lines or edges. 2) Do capability studies on a production process that is aimed at finding the causes of variation between two lines on a printed part. This would entail measuring up to about 30 parts at up to about 16 places. This would be occasional use so an inexpensive starter system would be ideal.

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Steve Varga - Sr. Research Engineer
Procter & Gamble
varga [dot] sm [at] pg.com

If you need something for lab studies (supervised and non-industrial) and you can use a laptop or PC then just use a webcam and ImageJ. If you need something unsupervised and industrial then consider an low-end smart-camera ($1800 to $3200) such as: National Instruments http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/211078 or MicroScan http://www.microscan.com/en-us/Products/Machine-Vision-Systems/Vision-MINI-Smart-Camera.aspx or Cognex http://www.cognex.com/products/machine-vision/in-sight-7000-series-integrated-vision-systems/?id=13608&langtype=1033 or many others...

Michael Beising - CEO
EVT Eye Vision Technology GmbH
mmb [at] evt-web [dot] com
49 721 626 905 82

Hi Eric, Look to the Raspberry Pi or ODROID and the EyeVision Software, if you want it more robust for direct use in the production line, have a look to the EyeSense Systems. Te are small smart cameras with the EyeVision Software. You can do the described tasks. Michael

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