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Vision Systems Questions

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We are examining the capabilities of vision systems to perform blemish inspections on molded plastic bottles and are seeking to understand the achievable results within the realms of repeat-ability, reproduce-ability, and stability. Are there any published guidelines or whitepapers that address the art of the doable within the industry?

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John Salls - President
Vision ICS, Inc.
john [at] vision-ics [dot] com
(651) 503-0496

I am not aware of any white papers on what you are trying to do. Typically defect detection capability varies widely depending on your materials, vision system/camera used, lighting/optics, etc. What i would suggest instead is you get an evaluation on your application performed by several machine vision manufacturers. Typically they will do these evaluations for free or for some small fee depending on how difficult the inspection is going to be. The critical step for this is to gather some representative sample for the manufacturers to look at. Some good sample selected from different batches so they get an idea of your normal process variation, some reject samples from the same batches. Ideally if possible you want to get some borderline good and some borderline bad samples. These marginal samples are absolute gold for the application evaluations. At a minimum this will tell you if your application is possible or completely impossible with very low investment.

Andy Long - CEO
Cyth Systems, Inc.
andy [dot] long [at] cyth.com

Alan, We are based just North of the border in San Diego. If you would be able to gather some defects and good parts and come to our facility we could likely run a vision study on your parts to see what results are likely. We could also show you some of the techniques that could be used. My contact information is below. A.

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