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Optics / Lenses / Filters Questions

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My name is Ken Schuler, I am working with Orion Tech to see if we can find the right combination of camera/sensor/lens for a project we are working on. We had a sales rep, Kiran Devkota, but his phone disconnected. Here are some of our requirements; Camera *monochrome, decent resolution sensor. *USB interface. *IR capabilities, unit will be operating in darkness under an IR source. *C or Cs mount depends on the type of lens. Lens *A focal point of 90mm. *A field of vision of 35mm at the 90mm. *A Depth of field of at least 6mm. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated. Thank you, Ken Schuler Noss4ra2@gmail.com 302.757.9544

2 Answers

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Matt Breit - Applications Engineering Manager
Basler AG
Matt [dot] Breit [at] baslerweb.com
(610) 280-0171

Hi Ken, Thanks for all of the information! Good news, there are a lot of camera / lens options out there that will hit those requirements nowadays. We can narrow it down further once we know your target for resolution and framerate, and the application itself. Feel free to drop us a line and we can discuss further. Have a good weekend, and greetings from Wilmington!

Perry West - President
Automated Vision Systems, Inc.
perry [at] autovis [dot] com
(408) 267-1746

Ken -- Your requirements are very straight forward except for "decent resolution" and USB (did you mean USB 2.0 or USB3 Vision?). I could work with you to define a camera and lens that will meet your requirements. Contact me if I can help. Perry West Automated Vision Systems, Inc. 408-267-1746

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