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Frame Grabbers & Other Imaging Boards Questions

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We are using several cameras using camera link Is it a generic SDK which make us able to write an interface usable on any camera? Is it in Camera Link specifications a definition of time stamp and image counter?

1 Answers

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Randall Henderson - Senior Software Engineer
randall [at] edt [dot] com
(503) 748-7896

Hi Gabriel, There's no standard SDK for Camera Link cameras, and while there is a standard way to communicate serial using the serialXXX.dll, the serial command sets vary from mfg. to mfg. Some mfgs have adopted the GenIcam standard but not many, and that still only covers the serial control side of it. However many framegrabber manufacturers provide their own APIs that standardize camera functionality to the extent possible. For example EDT's API supports a variety of cameras out of the box and includes convenience functions to perform many tasks in a camera-independent way. We also provide frame-counter and timestamp functionality on the framegrabber side which can be used with any supported camera. So while it may not constitute a completely camera-independent SDK, it's a step in that direction. There may be integrators who have developed general purpose toolkits that support a subset of camera manufacturers' devices -- if so hopefully they will chime in too.

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