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Vision Software Questions

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We want to develop a GigE vision device that will have multiple services, but the device must have only a single link ethernet port. For simplicity, we prefer that the device will expose only a single IP address. (Because otherwise, when simulating the device using a software simulator we will have to use multiple network adapter cards - each of them will have its own IP and MAC addresses). I have read (part of) the GigE Vision Specification version 2.0 document, and I understand that in order to achieve that, we need to implement DNS-SD in our device. My questions are: 1) Is this correct? Does the standard allow us to have multiple services on the same IP address, without using DNS-SD? 2) Does DNS-SD depend on mDNS? 3) Has anyone implemented DNS-SD that can comment how difficult is it to implement it in the device and/or in the software simulation? Best regards, Itai

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Boris Nalibotski
A&B Software
sales [at] ab-soft [dot] com
(860) 437-7711

Hi Itai, Our GigESim software can simulate a GigE Vision device with multiple IP and MAC addresses while using only one network card. It can also simulate a device that has several video sources streaming from the same IP/MAC.

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