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How many can the simultaneous produced digital image data be handled by CameraLink system? For example if I had a multi-bands camera (eq.10 bands), each quantified in 10 bit, is CameraLink able to handle this 10x10 simultaneous bits data? How is it implemented?

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Randall Henderson - Senior Software Engineer
randall [at] edt [dot] com
(503) 748-7896

If I understand your question correctly, the answer would be 80 bits. The Camera Link specification includes many combinations of channels and bits, including 10 channels x 8 bits and 8 channels x 10 bits. It's up to the framegrabber or post-processing software o sort out that last one so you wind up with something you can display / process, for example unpacking the 10-bit pixels into one 16-bit word each. For more details see the Camera Link specification, available under Vision Standards on the AIA site.

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