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Vision Software Questions

Question Asked:

Is there vision software that specializes in inspecting porcine tissue for defects?

2 Answers

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Andy Long - CEO
Cyth Systems, Inc.
andy [dot] long [at] cyth.com

Miguel, Most machine vision software has similiar functions and algorithms available to inspect their products. You really need to get samples of good and bad product, and show them to a vision company, and they will be able to guide you on where you might have the problems. There are manufacturer's and integration companies on this web site that can help guide you in the right direction. We are a systems integrator based in San Diego, and our approach is typically for you to bring or send samples to us, and we'll create a vision study, to tell you how successful we think a vision inspection is likely to be, or constraints where is may not work. Please feel free to call or email me.

Markus Tarin - President and CEO
m [dot] tarin [at] movimed.com
(949) 699-6600 x111

Hi Miguel! We are actually familiar with that exact application. We have worked with your heat valve division on this before. Please contact me to discuss further.

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