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I'm interested in sending data to camera without ACK from camera. Does the standard support it? I saw there is a message channel, but its direction is camera to application. Thanks, Tal

3 Answers

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Randall Henderson - Senior Software Engineer
randall [at] edt [dot] com
(503) 748-7896

Which standard? AIA supports several standards. In general I would say the answer is no but it will depend on the standard and also the camera -- with Camera Link there's no "standard" command / response protocol, the standard just provides for a connection but it's up to the camera mfg. to decide what to say across it, and most don't require an ack (even if they send one).

Christine Fagone - Sales Administration Manager
Teledyne DALSA
christine [dot] fagone [at] teledynedalsa.com
(978) 670-2041

GigE is not a deterministic process, unlike CameraLink. While under GigE, a user needs to be aware that whilst using Windows (not a real time OS), there can be latencies in the order of ~10msec up to ~200msec...this of course is underterminestic. The auto discovery system can take up to a couple of seconds, even if the IP of the cameras are Static. If the application requires the system to be deterministic, then CameraLink is the choice of technology to use. If you have any additional questions please contact: JP luevano Strategic Account Manager P: 514-333-1301 x4223 E: jp.luevano@teledynedalsa.com

Mike Miethig - Camera Link HS Chair
Teledyne DALSA
mike [dot] miethig [at] teledynedalsa.com
(519) 886-6000 x2130

Camera Link HS (CLHS) has a bidirectional command or message channel generally used to control the camera operating mode or read camera status information. The hardware layer of CLHS guarantees message delivery with data resend on error or hardware acknowledge timeouts. The software layer that runs on the hardware layer is specified as GenCP which has software handshaking and messages are acknowledge at this layer as well. The average effective data rate from frame grabber to camera depends on the design of the camera and the frame grabber but can send 1k bytes at 312 MBytes/sec.

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