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Is the IP-Core of the M-Protocol of the Camera Link HS standard capable of 2.1 GB/s per lane, or is it capable of 2.1 GB/s per 7 lanes (so 300 MB/s per lane)? The flyer on the website is not clear about that. (link: http://www.visiononline.org/userAssets/aiaUploads/file/CLHS%20Data%20Sheet%20M%20Protocol.pdf)

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Mike Miethig - Camera Link HS Chair
Teledyne DALSA
mike [dot] miethig [at] teledynedalsa.com
(519) 886-6000 x2130

Hi Marten: The M-Protocol and the IP core is currently designed to support 3.125 Gbps per lane. An effective bandwidth of 300 MByte/sec of data transfer per lane is achieved for a packet size of about 1k bytes,. The IP core supports 7 lanes which is the maximum supported in the CX4 cable, and results in 2.1 GB/s per cable. For multiple cable applications a second core is used to support the communication query functions of the slave frame grabber. 3.125 Gbps enables copper cable distances of 15 meter to be reliably achieved when driven directly from an FPGA. We use an equalizer chip in the camera to account for varying cable loses and the TLK3134 is used in the current frame grabber.

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