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Vision Software Questions

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Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are using cameras with your standard in our x-ray systems. Our current preferences are cameras of the suppliers Basler AG & The Imaging Source. Both suppliers are implemented in our product lines. Unfortunately cameras of each single supplier are only working with their special software. This means whenever we implement Basler Software there will be detect only Basler products. Same with The Imaging Source. Even though all companies are working with same standard the manufacturer make sure that only won product will be detected. How is the procedure to arrange software which is not limited on specific manufacturer?! Thanks for your efforts. Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards i.A. Sven Hartmann Strategischer Einkauf / Strategic Purchasing YXLON International GmbH a company of the COMET Group Essener Bogen 15; D-22419 Hamburg Geschäftsführer: Stefan Moll Sitz: Hamburg, Registergericht Hamburg, Reg.-Nr. 104499 Telephone: +49 (0)40 52729 246 Fax: +49 (0)40 52729 271 E-Mail: sven.hartmann@hbg.yxlon.com Internet: www.yxlon.com

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Matthew Breit - Manager - Applications Engineering - Basler USA
Basler AG
Matt [dot] Breit [at] baslerweb.com
(610) 280-0171

Hello Sven, John is correct in his reply. A neutral 3rd party SDK is very useful when comparing cameras like this. Honestly, what you are seeing is unfortunately the nature of competition. Although many of us are building to the same standards, there usually are some provisions built in such that a camera manufacturer's software only detects their cameras, at least on the surface. This is because we are all testing our software with our own cameras, and so we can't guarantee performance if another vendor is used (although theoretically it could work). However, I will also pass this question along to our support colleagues in Germany. We always aim to make evaluations go as smoothly as possible, so if we can, we like to help! Thank you for the interest in Basler btw! - Matt

Charlie Dijak - Sales
Epix, Inc.
cad [at] epixinc [dot] com
(847) 465-1818

EPIX (PIXCI) frame grabbers and software products (XCAP programs and XCLIB SDK) offer dedicated support for hundreds of cameras from more than 90 manufacturers. Our web site is at www.epixinc.com. Click on the "PIXCI Selection Guide" button. We have dedicated support for many cameras from Basler, Mikrotron, Allied Vision Technology, and many others. Click on "See Controls" in column 7 to view the camera control parameters for the camera listed in column 1 and the PIXCI frame grabber in colmun 5. Click on the order code in column 8 for pricing information. Our XCLIB SDK provides a function that allows you to call these camera control parameters from your custom program. If your camera is Camera Link, and not specifically listed in the PIXCI Selection Guide, then we offer a Generic dialog (see "Any Camera" in top left corner of the PIXCI Selection Guide). What camera are you using? I will be happy to answer any questions.

Boris Nalibotski
A&B Software
sales [at] ab-soft [dot] com
(860) 437-7711

Hi Sven, Another option for you would be using our ActiveGigE SDK. It will work with GigE Vision compliant cameras of any brand, and we have several Basler and ImagingSource cameras here to support you with technical and programming questions you may have. A detailed description of ActiveGigE and trial version can be found on our web site: http://www.ab-soft.com/activegige.php Best Regards, Boris

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