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I'm developing an application for the acquisition by linescan with Xilinx ML605. I developed an IP that manages the LVD signal correctly. I can read the clock output from linescan and I can deserialize the data acquisition using a PLL. But, I have a problem with the correctly deserialization of data. I request the last update of Clink’s standard but I don’t find the position of data for deserialize. The problem consists in the identification of the bits of the pixels on the data lines. Thank you for your attention.

2 Answers

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Cliff Hayes - Field Application Engineer
cliff [at] edt [dot] com
(503) 748-7897

I think what you're looking for is covered by the specs on the National Semiconductor Channel Link transmitter and receiver chips. I'm looking at the Camera Link 2.0 spec and in section 7.0 Chipset Criteria, you'll see the specific National parts listed, such as: Transmitter: DS90LV047, 3.3V Receiver: DS90LV048, 3.3V I've found this Channel Link Design Guide from National useful: http://www.national.com/assets/en/boards/channellink_design_guide.pdf Email me if you can't get it.

Werner Feith - CEO
Sensor To Image GmbH
wf [at] sensor-to-image [dot] de
49 8861 2369 0

Maria, look at XAPP485 from XILINX. If that does not help give me a mail as we have IP around this, which we have running on Spartan3 and Spartan6. Regards, Werner Feith ------------------------------------------------- Sensor to Image GmbH, Werner Feith Lechtorstrasse 20, D - 86956 Schongau Email : wf@sensor-to-image.de -------------------------------------------------

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