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Optics / Lenses / Filters Questions

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We work in a flour mill, and we currently have a SICK sensor that detemines bag placement on a packaging line. We have SICK part#:1029584. It appears that flour dust is getting behind the lens and not telling the bag when to stop in the proper position. Our PM basis was orginally every 6 months we would change out the eye. We have changed the eye on 4 occasions in the last four months. The last eye we installed only lasted for approximately 4 days. Is there a different product we should be using for this environment? Is there any recall on this particular product?

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Scott Gibbs - CEO
Mercator Robotec Inc
scott [at] mercatorrobotec [dot] com
(519) 884-7880

Dustin: The attachment of the optics to the housing of the camera/sensor is typically the weak point for ingress protection. Check out www.apgvision.com . They can probably supply (or custom build) an enclosure for the Sick sensor that will keep the flour dust out of the sensor optics.

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