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When I turn on my camera and connect to the router, the router has an address of with a subnet of, but the IP address of the camera is I want to send a device discovery broadcast message on port 3956 through the router. Problem is, it does not get to the camera because it is not in the subnet. Is there any way to make this happen?

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Matthew Breit - Support Manager - Basler USA
Basler AG
Matt [dot] Breit [at] baslerweb.com

Hi Antony, Depending on the manufacturer & model of your camera, it could be possible to 'jump subnets' like this, so I would check with your vendor to find out what might be possible there. We've added this feature roughly a year ago to our products, so it could be that others are seeing the use for it as well. As a tip though, routers tend to block these types of broadcast messages as part of their firewall purpose. A unicast message send directly to the ip address should get through. If possible though, I would recommend using a network switch instead of a router. I hope this helps!

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