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We have a Hitachi P-20B CCD camera that we are using for inspection purposes. We are using S-video output. In one of our systems this is being converted to VGA output and then displayed on a small (~5") display. In this case are getting a clean crisp display without pixelation as the parts we are inspecting move through the viewing field. In another application we are trying to take the S-video output from the camera directly into a 15" LCD via the S-video input but we are getting some pixelation issues. Do we simply need a smaller display or do we need to do something else?

2 Answers

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Perry West - President
Automated Vision Systems, Inc.
perry [at] autovis [dot] com
(408) 267-1746

The answer to your question rests with the differences in the display resolutions and whether or not the display incorporates a low-pass filter. My guess is that your 5 inch display is lower resolution than the 15 inch display and that it may include a low pass filter in the video path. In concept, you could add a low-pass filter in the video input of the 15 inch display. I'm not aware if anything like this is made, but you could search for it or try talking to someone that sells high-end surveillance equipment.

Rex Lee - CEO/President
Pyramid Imaging, Inc.
rlee [at] pyramidimaging [dot] com
(813) 984-0125

Hi, I really wouldn't recommend using an analog output from a camera any longer since digital cameras have become very affordable. We've sold quite a few to surgical instrument manufacturers and can help you if you wish to contact me. It really depends on what you are trying to accomplish with the inspection. If it is merely to allow a machine operator to see and image then analog is adequate but if it is meant for any type of analysis then I would go digital.

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