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Optics / Lenses / Filters Questions

Question Asked:

What is the use of dilation filters?

1 Answers

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Scott Gibbs - CEO
Mercator Robotec Inc
scott [at] mercatorrobotec [dot] com
(519) 884-7880

I assume you are referring to a software filter or what is more commonly called an image morphology tool. Image morphology tools are used to pre-process or "clean up" an image before analyzing it with other tools. The dilation operation will cause the boundaries of an object in an image to grow. The purpose of doing this may be to fill in small holes or connect adjacent objects together. Dilation is often done in tandem with erosion. There is some good technical imformation at the following link: http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/ph/p/id/146 .

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