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I am researching the possibility of using vision sensors (camera/laser) to scan components which are worn out, comparing the acquired image to a CAD image of the part as it should be, and then using robotics to weld/clad the missing areas to original dimension. Are there any existing off-the-shelf products that do this? Any contact with experts in this area would be appreciated. This is obviously going to require integration between image acquisition, CAD software and welding automation and robotics.

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Scott Gibbs - CEO
Mercator Robotec Inc
scott [at] mercatorrobotec [dot] com
(519) 884-7880

Jason - There are off the shelf components that will do the various steps in your process. Faro 3D laser scanning would be able to measure the surface topography of the part and build a CAD model from the data. RobotMaster or Robotworks software can generate robot welding paths from a 3-D CAD model. I am not aware of an off-the-shelf system that would completely automate your process. The components described above (or other similar products) could be integrated together to semi-automate your process. My company has experience building machines for hardsurfacing applications that incorporate machine vision and automated welding.

Andrew Long - CEO
Cyth Systems, Inc.
andy [dot] long [at] cyth.com
+1 (858) 342 6795

Jason, We specialise in 3D scanning technologies, and Robotic Integration. We are an integrator based out of California, but you're list of wants matches our abilities to deliver. I'm going to suggest the following, we like to get a sample before any engagement occurs, to be sure that we are able to perform. We would then run this through our machine vision lab, and then rather than do a fancy proposal, we'll show you what you get with 3D images of your scanned part, and if you send a CAD drawing too, we'll show you the comparison. Please contact me if you're interested. Andy

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