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System Integration Questions

Question Asked:

In the Camera Link interface, is the image data transfered in Bayer format, or RGB?

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Randall Henderson - Senior Software Engineer
randall [at] edt [dot] com
(503) 690-1234

Either one. To reduce transfer bandwidth, most cameras using a bayer filter sensor send the raw Bayer data, which is transmitted the same as a monochrome image, and any bayer decoding gets done either in board hardware, or via post-processing on the host computer. Either way the decoding step is not part of the Camera Link specification so any method for enabling and performing that will be framegrabber-or application-dependent. 3-CCD cameras and some bayer cameras send as RGB data. Usually it's 24 bits per pixel, 1 or 2 taps, and most FGs have standard ways of handling that. Less commonly you'll get greater pixel depth, e.g. 10 bits per pixel as 32-bit data. In that case the MUX at the FG end may be different depending on the FG -- for example it might be the MSBs of RGB in the first 3 bytes, then the LSbits as 2R 2G 2B 20. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

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