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Image Sensors Questions

Question Asked:

I want to know if using your products, can I check the quality of heat transfer product? For example, I want to check if the characters are missing or incompletely printed or the thickness of the printed adhesive layers, etc.

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Corey Fellows - Director of Business Development
Teledyne Lumenera
corey [dot] fellows [at] lumenera.com
(613) 736-4077, x184

Madhavi, there are two unique requirements indicated in your request. First is a simple quality check which could be accomplished by capturing a consistent and quality image then running it through an OCR (optical character recognition) software available from companies like MvTec Halcon or equivalent. Second requirement is to validate the thickness of the printed ink which would require a high-precision 3D image using 2 or more very high-resolution cameras. A number of variables will be needed including your thickness and more specifically your +/- tolerance before we could calculate working resolution. Please feel free to send your specifications to me for further assistance.

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