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Frame Grabbers & Other Imaging Boards Questions

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I wish to watch a surface move, and calculate its travel distance. In effect, I wish to copy the action of a non-contact mouse. Grab a frame - wait - Grab a frame - Determine pixels the image shifted. At 200 inches per second, in an embedded application - no PC, very hostel environment. Is this Possible - If so how?

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Michael Noffz - Marketing
Silicon Software GmbH
info [at] silicon-software [dot] de
49 621 789 507 0

Dear Carl, thanks for your question. Even if we are manufacturer of frame grabbers, there could be a solution with our imaging library VisualApplets and an embedded FPGA board. VisualApplets helps to program FPGA chips by graphical flow charts. The solution works hardware-based with high performance and CPU independent. There will be some open issues like the sensor resolution, the frequency of the grabbing and sampling, the sub-pixel accuracy of the distance measurement, the processing of the resulting values, etc. to define an algorithmic solution. In general, the grabbing of two images and the determination of the movement vector seems to be practical. A further issue is the hardware platform, you will use in your encoders. If you already use FPGAs, it might be an advantage. If you see a good base for your product, please contact us. Thanks in advance.

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