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Hello. I am interested in the minimum requirements for tracking humans walking out of a store in a shopping mall. I would like to be able to determine the number of shoppers that walk out of my stores with a shopping bag in hand. This is industry research data I am trying to gather from a retail environment where many people may be walking in view of the camera. Specifically I would like to know the number of people that walk in to my store, out of my store, and the presence of a clothing store shopping bag in hand. Ideally a small standalone camera could either do all processing or provide video data for off-site analysis. Solution should be small and require only a network connection to provide video out or a the various people counts we desire. Solutions are also ideally under $200 for the camera-location installed component. A small systems board nearby or integrated with the camera system would also be suitable. WiFi transmission of data out is also ideal.

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Andrew Long - Senior Director
Cyth Systems, Inc.
andy [dot] long [at] cyth.com
(858) 342-6795

Cyrus, The cost constraints seem to be quite tight, but I was wondering what volume of systems you are looking at? This obviously has an effect on these types of systems.

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