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Non-Visible Imaging Questions

Question Asked:

I wonder if there is any type of infrared camera that can measure the thermal temperature of the PCB through the white or black plastic cover.

2 Answers

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Rex Lee - CEO/President
Pyramid Imaging, Inc.
rlee [at] pyramidimaging [dot] com
(813) 984-0125

Hello, The IR wavelengths emitted by the PCB will most likely be partly absorbed and re-emitted by the plastic box surrounding it. The IR cameras meant for thermal detection and temperature measurement (radiometric) will "see" the heat that is front the lens. Thus, it cannot see through an object unless the object is transparent to the IR wavelengths being viewed. So, it would be best to remove the box and let the camera view the PCB directly. Then the camera could tell which component on the PCB is heating faster than the others. Xenics makes a wide range of IR cameras and I recommend that you go review. You can contact me if you'd like further info or arrange a demo camera for testing.

Markus Tarin - President and CEO
m [dot] tarin [at] movimed.com
(949) 699-6600

Hi! We have a special thermal IR system that can potentially deal with this. We are using 'Lockin Thermography". This is performing a lockin measurement together with a stimulus to the object. In your case it would be some electrical signal. Feel free to contact me for further details.

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