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Frame Grabbers & Other Imaging Boards Questions

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Hello: My Customer uses the Matrox Solios Series Image Card. In 32bit OS, if the System Memory is over 2GB, the Matrox Solios Series Image Card will use 512MB~1GB Memory of the System. Please Help us to find the solution for my Customer. Thanks.

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Technical Marketing, Matrox Imaging
Matrox Imaging
techmark [dot] imaging [at] matrox.com
1-800-804-6243 or (514) 685-2630

Your customer will need to update the Matrox Solios drivers. Contact Matrox Imaging Technical Support for the latest driver updates and for help with any technical issues encountered with our software or hardware products. http://www.matrox.com/imaging/en/support/techsupport/

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