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I am doing a simple tape and shake mold inspection. The molds are ceramic. I cover the opening with blue tape. I shake the mold and if there is a defect, white flakes fall out and stick to the tape. there is significant contrast between the white flakes and blue tape. is there a system that could count the number of flakes. That could measure the size of the flakes and give me a distribution of flakes per size brackets?

3 Answers

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Luca Palleschi - General Manager
Opto Engineering S.r.l.
luca [dot] palleschi [at] opto-e.com
(832) 812-9391

Hi John, that looks like a pretty straightforward application. We can approach it in different ways, depending on whether you'd like to get a turnkey system or just the right vision components for the job etc. Feel free to shoot me an email at luca.palleschi@opto-e.com and I'd be glad to recommend some options for you to review. Thanks, L.

Andrew Long - CEO
Cyth Systems, Inc.
andy [dot] long [at] cyth.com

John, is there a reason that you don't inspect the mold directly instead of going through the process that you currently do. There is technology such as 3d scanning that can inspect the surface directly. If you want to look at masking tape, try and get consistency in terms of how you present that to the camera. If you want to discuss more please feel free to call me at 888-508-7355. Andy

Preston Barrett - Uniforce Sales and Engineering
Uniforce Sales and Engineering
preston [at] uniforcesales [dot] com

Hi John, the first thing to consider is should we inspect the tape, or the mold directly. My initial thought is that, with sufficient contrast, defect mapping accuracy may increase if we inspect the mold directly. Overall, it sounds like a straight-forward MV inspection system. The key is the software. Uniforce is the exclusive Northern California distributor for Matrox Imaging, the premier SW for this type of application. Uniforce can also specify and provide the necessary hardware, including the camera, lens, light and imaging computer. Please contact me at your convenience to discuss. Best regards, Preston

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