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Frame Grabbers & Other Imaging Boards Questions

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I have an application in which I would like to tap into the transmission of video from an automotive controller to an LCD screen to insure the data displayed on the screen matches the stored image. This will not include a camera but will require capture of the data from the controller. Has anyone developed an application similar to this? My counterparts in other areas of my company have done this but with specialized equipment designed to work with their video chips. I want to accomplish this with standard HDMI, DVI, and even VGA transmissions.

2 Answers

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David Dechow - Principal Vision Systems Architect
Integro Technologies
ddechow [at] integro-tech [dot] com
(704) 636-9666

Hi. I"m not sure about the details of interconnect for your device, however a quick web search indicates that there are quite a few commercial frame grabbers that will capture HDMI and/or DVI, and certainly VGA and store the result as an image. It seems that this would be a straightforward way to get an image on demand, and then compare that image to a stored master image on an external computing device - either embedded processing for on-demand comparison or on an off-line computer. I've worked with a wide variety of frame grabbers including VGA but not HDMI specifically. Nonetheless, I think the commercially available products likely will do the capture successfully. Not promoting specific products, but for example AIA member companies like Matrox and Adlink both offer frame grabber cards for these video input formats.

Werner Feith - IP Architect
Sensor To Image GmbH
werner [dot] feith [at] euresys.com
49 8861 2369 0

Jeff, looking at you question I started to look around and finally I got a link: https://www.digiteqautomotive.com/en/node/30 to an automotive product, not part of the industrial imaging world, which might help. So maybe take this as some inspiration as we have done years back similar products you request and described in the link, but they never made it to the market as a standard product. Quanity is at this point too low and the I/O standard, electrical as speed as standard as ..., are just to many. Regards, Werner

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